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Electrical Panel Installations and Replacement

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Commercial businesses use all types of electronic equipment that requires specialty outlets and dedicated circuits in order to run safely and efficiently. It’s critical that business owners have an electronic panel that can handle a variety of high power devices, small appliances, and heavy duty machines. When an electrical panel isn’t functioning properly, it affects a company’s overall business and revenue. At Main Stream Electric, our electrical panel commercial electricians provide your business with affordable electrical panel installation and replacement.

Each business’s commercial electrical needs are unique. Some jobs may include the panel, surge protection, and main grounding system, while others may require GFCI and arc fault protection. Regardless of the individual needs and requirements, our commercial electricians complete each installation or replacement according to local, state, and national codes and guidelines.

If your business is located in an older building, you’ve recently added multiple high power devices to your office, or you’re unsure if your electrical panel can handle your electrical output, contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730. When you call, we’ll discuss your options, visit your workplace, inspect your electrical panel, and expertly install or repair it. Safety for your property and employees is our #1 concern. We want to prevent electrical issues and emergencies from ever occurring.


What is an electrical panel?

Your electrical panel delivers electricity to all your electrical equipment. Your local utility company provides the power that flows into this panel. This electrical power is then distributed out to major electrical branches, then smaller branches. If your electrical panel is working properly, electrical power is shared safely to all of your equipment. A commercial electrical panel also has a “dead front,” which protects live parts from being exposed and sending electric shock to the operator. A malfunctioning electrical panel can cause serious harm to both equipment and people.

When should I check into electrical panel installation or replacement?

You should upgrade your electrical panel if:

  • You’ve added multiple high-powered devices or appliances to your building and you notice the panel doesn’t have the capability to provide adequate power.
  • Your business is in an older building where there electrical system hasn’t been upgraded.
  • Your current electrical devices aren’t functioning properly.
  • Your electrical panel has visual signs of excessive wear.

Can I install an electrical panel on my own?

While it’s possible to install an electrical panel on your own, the installation and maintenance is complex and it’s best to have a licensed professional commercial electrician replace or repair it. This will ensure:

  • Permits and approvals are received.
  • You choose the right size panel for your individual needs.
  • Wiring is installed up to current local and federal codes.
  • The power company provides another power supply or meter before installation (if necessary).
  • Safe and appropriate materials are used.
  • Existing wires are repaired and replaced properly and meet current codes.
  • You fully understand your new system. (We will include a schematic of your new panel, wiring, functions, and switches.)
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