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Emergency Lighting Services

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Property managers and building owners carry the huge responsibility of making sure their buildings have adequate and fully-functioning emergency lighting and exit signage. Although emergencies are not common, it’s important to install and maintain emergency lighting to keep employees and customers safe and decrease owner liability. At Main Stream Electric, it’s our goal to provide exceptional emergency lighting services that meet NFPA life safety requirements and fit into each customer’s scope and budget.

At Main Stream Electric, we believe lighting maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs and replacements. Keeping your emergency lighting up-to-date and free of wiring issues also ensures it is ready and fully functioning in the case of a real emergency. Our friendly and highly-skilled emergency lighting electricians have the equipment needed to check all your emergency lighting and exit signage (even in hard to reach areas of a stairwell) and can schedule regular maintenance appointments at your convenience.

If you’re a new business owner looking to install emergency lighting and exit signage, a property manager who needs to update your emergency lighting, or a building owner ready to replace all your signage, we can help! Call Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253. For our San Jose office, call (408) 422-8730.


Does Main Stream Electric provide LED exit sign retrofitting?

Yes! We can install LED lights into your building’s exit signs. LED lights will not only last much longer than traditional lights, they require very little maintenance. Periodically, our skilled emergency lighting technicians will test each sign to make sure the emergency batteries are fully charged. This means they will work even if your main electrical power goes out.

I need to replace my emergency lighting asap! How fast can you get here?

You don’t have to worry! We have offices in both Sacramento and San Jose and service all the smaller cities around these areas. If you have a lighting emergency, we can set up same-day appointments. Our vehicles are supplied with all types of emergency lighting and our technicians can get parts for any type of exit and emergency signage. Contact us today and we will be there today!

How are most exit signs illuminated?

Exit signs are designed so they can function during an emergency. It’s important that they are fully functioning during fires, power outages, or any other types of emergencies. Many are even independent of the main electrical system. Exit signs are usually powered by one of the following:

  • Radioluminescence – coating inside a glass tube that glows and releases a light
  • Photoluminescence – light that’s absorbed from its surrounding and slowly released (glow in the dark)
  • Electric light – also includes a local rechargeable power source
  • Electric light – part of building’s emergency lighting circuits and includes back-up power from UPS or generator
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