Home RewiringAll homes are not wired equally. While most new homes do not need to be rewired, it’s important to have the wiring checked in older homes. Homes with faulty wiring or electric systems without ground wiring are at a high risk of fire and damaging electrical appliances.

Homes wired in the 1940’s or earlier usually have knob and tube wiring. This type of wiring does not provide a third electrical grounding wiring. Homes without ground wiring are now considered unsafe in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and outside areas. Additionally, we use more appliances today than we did 60 years ago and many appliances require ground wiring. Other types of wiring found in older homes include two-wire home electrical wiring systems and aluminum branch electrical wiring. These types of home wiring systems have their own set of potential issues and do not meet the National Fire Protection Association’s standards.

Main Stream Electric’s residential electricians can take care of all your home rewiring needs. They have the ability to bring your home up to today’s NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements and National Fire Protection Association standards. Modern wiring in your switches and outlets will help protect your home and appliances from fire and electrical failure.

Contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730 if you are unsure about the condition of your home’s wiring, you’re selling or purchasing a home, or if you plan to rewire all or part of your home. We are current on the latest and safest residential wiring methods available and can complete a thorough residential electrical safety inspection on your home.


When should I get my home’s wiring checked?

You can get your home’s wiring checked any time! We would be happy to make sure your wiring is up to code and free of electrical hazards. You should have your home’s wiring checked out if:

  • You own an older home with knob and tube wiring or aluminum branch electrical wiring
  • Your home has an ungrounded two wire electrical wiring system
  • You are selling your home and you need to make electrical safety corrections prior to closing the sale
  • You have had fire, water, or structural damage that requires new wiring

My home needs to be rewired but I’m worried about cutting my walls open. Is it necessary?

It depends. If we are running new wires, small holes cannot be avoided. However, they are easy to patch. Our experienced and skilled residential electricians have techniques that will help keep holes to a minimum and if we need to open a wall, we will keep it as small as possible.

How long does it take to rewire a home?

The time it takes to rewire a home depends on a number of factors:

  1. Size of the home
  2. Accessibility to run wires through the attic or crawl space under the house
  3. Type of building materials in home
  4. Number of obstacles – large furniture/objects that need to be moved/clutter