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Ceiling Fans

Quick Question

Not only do ceiling fans provide a cool relief on hot summer days, they also bring an added aesthetic value to your home. Additionally, these practical appliances bring relief during the winter months by forcing warmer air down to the lower parts of the room. Ceiling fans provide hot and cool relief without taxing your heating and air conditioning systems.

Although ceiling fan installation seems pretty straight-forward, there are many factors involved that will help maximize the utility and safety of your ceiling fan. Our expert electrical contractors at Main Stream Electric know the installation measurements and keys to making your fan highly efficient. They can replace light fixtures with fans or fan/light combinations and remove your old fans/lights after they install the new ones.

Main Stream residential electricians also performs routine maintenance on ceiling fans. These maintenance visits include checking the balance, oil, chain switch and/or remote control units. Our trusted and trained electricians at Main Stream Electric will install and maintain your ceiling fan(s) safely and efficiently so you can enjoy comfortable temperature in your home year-round.


What do your ceiling fan installations usually include?

When we arrive at your home to install your ceiling fan, we will:

  1. Verify the installation location as well as where you would like the switches and dimmers.
  2. Prepare the work area. This includes protecting your property from damage.
  3. Check to make sure the circuit breaker and ceiling mount are compatible with the new ceiling fan unit.
  4. Remove the old lighting fixture/fan and safely dispose of all materials
  5. Ensure the electrical mounting box/wiring is compliant with the local and National Electric Code.
  6. Assemble and install your new ceiling fan.
  7. Confirm power to the circuit is back on.
  8. Test the fan/switches/remote control unit/etc. to ensure all parts are working together properly.
  9. Balance fan blades (as needed).
  10. Clean work area, leaving it cleaner than when we arrived.

Why should I hire a professional to install my ceiling fan?

When you hire one of our experienced residential electrical contractors, you are guaranteed a professionally installed unit. They can answer any design, blade sizing, and fan size questions you may have. Warranties and guarantees are usually included if your fan is installed by a professional electrician. Our work is guaranteed and we offer repairs and replacement, if necessary. You don’t have to worry about wobbly fans, improper lighting, or purchasing a fan too big or too small for a living area. Leave it up to the professionals at Main Stream Electric. Call us in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or in San Jose at (408) 422-8730.

I want to install a ceiling fan in an area that doesn’t have existing electrical wiring. Is that something you do?

Yes! We can install a ceiling fan in virtually any room. Cost/time/labor will be higher because our highly trained electrical contractors will have to break through walls, floors, and/or ceilings to run new wiring and power to the fan. Utilizing one of our contractors will ensure your fan is properly balanced, secured to the ceiling, and wired safely.

If you’re ready to cut down on your electric bills and bring heating and cooling relief to your home, contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730 today!

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