Electric Charging StationsElectric vehicles are becoming more common and popular due to their environmental and cost benefits. They do not require gasoline and produce much less noise than gasoline-powered vehicles. They also cost much less to maintain. With the rise of electric vehicles comes the need for more electric charging stations. As an experienced electric charging station installer, Main Stream Electric can install and service electric vehicle charging stations. We provide cost effective solutions for all vehicle charging scenarios. We can install stations at your home, work place, and wherever you want to recharge your car on a regular basis.

We strive to make the installation and maintenance of your electric charging station as easy as possible. Ideally, a garage or carport is the best spot for an electric vehicle charging station. For those without a garage, we also offer driveway and curbside options. Not only do our customers receive residential electricians who are experts in electric vehicle charging stations, we also understand the technology from your standpoint, the daily electric vehicle user. Contact Main Stream Electric’s San Jose office at (408) 422-8730 or Sacramento office at (916) 439-5253 and our residential electrician, can discuss design options for your individual charging station. We offer no hassle service and value. We get the job done right the first time!


I love my new electric vehicle! Now, I need a charging station. What needs to happen first?

Congratulations on your new electric vehicle! The first thing you need to do is contact our knowledgeable residential electrical contractors at Main Stream Electric (San Jose 408-422-8730 or Sacramento 916-439-5253). We will visit your home and evaluate the wiring, electrical outlets, and other hardware to ensure it can support the charging requirements of your new electric vehicle. That’s it! The rest will be handled by our expert technicians. They can answer any questions you may have and will have your station up and running in a very short amount of time.

Who is responsible for the meter?

The home owner is typically responsible for anything that begins at the meter and reaches your home. This includes all electrical wiring and circuits within your home. Your electric company is responsible for the utility of your service (the electrical power supply that connects to your home).

Can I move my electric charging station to another location?

Some electric charging stations are not permanently installed. Ask our electrical contractors about this option. Typically, the cost is similar to a hard-wire installation and makes the device instantly moveable without an additional expense. If you do not have a garage, local code may require you hard-wire the charging equipment. Contact Main Stream Electric to discuss your electric charging station options.