Electrical PanelsAn electrical panel is the most important electrical product in your home. Your circuits for your lights, outlets, and all electrical connections in your home stem from your electrical panel. Electrical panels are usually located in your garage, hallway, or dining room, but can be found in any part of your home. A properly functioning electrical panel will help ensure the electrical safety of your home.

Older homes are at a higher risk for shortages and fires. 30-40 years ago, homes were not wired for new electrical technology. They used less electricity and didn’t require a powerful distribution panel. Today, your AC/heater/large appliances typically use the most electricity, followed by smaller countertop appliances in the kitchen. Modern kitchens also require more receptacles that run directly from the distribution panel.

If you own an older home, you may need to replace your electrical panel, along with your meter socket and wiring between the meter and panel. Our expert residential electricians can walk you through this process, answer all your electrical panel questions, and bring your home’s electrical system up-to-date. Contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730 for a free in-home consultation.


I own an older home and I’m not sure my electrical system needs to be upgraded. What are some of the signs?

Common warning signs include: lights dimming when you turn something one and frequent fuse tripping. If your home has glass fuses, it’s time to update! Contact Main Stream Electric and we will provide an in-home evaluation of your electrical system.

My home needs an electrical service upgrade. How long does it take?

We typically complete and upgrade in one day. For larger projects that include adding circuits, changing plugs, or updating switches, it may take another day or two. After we complete work each day, we turn the power back on. You will not be without power overnight.

What can I expect when you upgrade my electrical panel?

First, we remove your old electrical panel. Once it’s removed, we install a new panel in its place and your electrical circuits are transferred to the new panel. We also install new circuit breakers. Next, we route a new copper wire through the riser on your roof. You electric company will then need to come to your home and attach larger wires. This will bring more power into your home. Additionally, we can add additional circuits to enhance the distribution of electrical power throughout the home.