lighting management servicesThe lighting experts at Main Stream Electric are a multi-skilled group of contractors who have the technical knowledge and expertise to install, repair, and maintain your lighting and keep it performing to the manufacturer’s specifications. We understand our Sacramento and San Jose clients have certain requirements when it comes to their interior and exterior lighting. Proper lighting creates a specific mood and perception. It’s our goal to capture that mood while ensuring you’re getting the most sustainable, energy efficient lights available.

Main Stream Electric offers the following expert lighting services:

Energy Efficiency Retrofits: By replacing older lighting and electrical systems with energy efficient technologies, our clients experience both immediate energy cost savings and long-term positive cash flow. Additionally, the service life of an energy efficient lighting system is up to 13 times greater than standards products.

Interior Lighting Repairs: The qualified technicians at Main Stream Electric have the equipment and know-how to repair and replace interior lighting in both residential and commercial properties. From high reach equipment to offset ladders, we are prepared for all types of warehouse, stairwell lighting, and interior lighting repairs.

Exterior Lighting Repairs: A well-lit facility gives customers, employees, and tenants a sense of security and helps increase revenue by allowing businesses to stay open later. When a business is not properly lit, vandalism and liability increase. Whether it’s the exterior lighting on buildings or signs, our experienced technicians have the equipment and capabilities to provide both on-call emergency services and extensive lighting repair and replacement. 

Emergency Lighting Services: In accordance to the NFPA Life Safety requirements, Main Stream Electric provides emergency and exit signage to commercial property owners and managers. Our lighting technicians evaluate a building’s emergency lighting needs and then design and maintain the lighting in exit routes (including stairwells). Safety is important for both customers and employees and our dedicated team of technicians ensure you have fully-functioning emergency and exit signs.

At Main Stream Electric, our electrical specialists accommodate all of your lighting maintenance needs. We have certified electrical technicians with fully-equipped service vehicles. They will install and maintain all your interior and exterior lighting and replace any older electrical systems with energy efficient retrofits. For all your lighting needs, contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730.


My lights work just fine. Why should I change or upgrade them?

Although your lights may be working, they are probably using too much energy. Just with any technology (computer, cell phones, etc.), efficiency improves with upgrades. In the past 10 years, light fixture performance has drastically improved. If your light fixtures were designed many years ago, they are not utilizing the most efficient technologies. Upgrading to T8, T5, or LED lighting in your home or office will not only save you money, it will increase energy efficiency, reduce heat, and improve your lighting.

I can’t afford to shut down my business so you can replace my lighting. Can you perform all the work without disrupting my normal business activity?

Main Stream Electric’s highly trained electricians have extensive experience working in many different types of business and commercial environments. From industrial sights to retail establishments, we understand each environment has its own unique sets of challenges. We routinely install lights during business hours without disruption to our customers’ businesses.

Do you only install new lighting systems only during business hours?

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and customer service. Whether you prefer installation during the day, at night, or on the weekend, we work around your busy schedule.