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Homes can experience a myriad of electrical issues and for a homeowner, these issues can be overwhelming. Ignoring your home’s electrical issues (even the small ones) can have costly and sometimes life-threatening consequences. When your home’s electricity isn’t functioning properly, it can also take a toll on your family life and halt all productivity. An electrical issue should be addressed immediately. Even if you are unsure of the actual electrical problem, it’s best to contact a knowledgeable and experienced residential electrical contractor.

Main Stream Electric specializes in residential electrical troubleshooting and repairs. Our trained and equipped electricians encounter all types of electrical problems and have the knowledge and experience to tackle any residential electrical issue. They can provide comprehensive solutions, information, and the resources you need to make the best electrical decision possible. Our electricians provide prompt, often same-day service to our customers. If you have an emergency repair, we can provide immediate service.

Whether you have power out along an individual wall or your entire house, our trained residential electricians will locate the problem, troubleshoot, and repair it properly and quickly. If you have an electrical issue and don’t know what to do next, contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or in San Jose at (408) 422-8730. We offer quality services with fair, up-front, and flexible pricing.


My lights are flickering! Where is that coming from?

Your lights are flickering because there is a poor connection or contact somewhere along the circuit, at a main wire outdoors, or in the panel. Finding the point of the problem is not easy. It’s best to contact a trained residential electrician to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Some of my lights and appliances will go out for a while and come back on later (on their own). How does this happen?

It’s a poor connection that gets poorer sometimes and better at other times. Sometimes it generates heat at the poor spot. Eventually, it will progress towards staying out and never come back on.

My outlets and switches are dead. I’ve checked, tightened, or replaced them all but they’re still dead! What do I do?

The bad connection could be at a nearby working outlet or switch. Or, there could be an odd place you haven’t checked. A smoke alarm box? Doorbell transformer box? Switch in a closet or basement? Contact Main Stream Electric and we will locate the electrical problem and repair your outlets and switches.

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