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Retail Maintenance and Installation

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To ensure the electrical system in your commercial, retail, or industrial facility is functioning at it prime, Main Stream Electrical provides comprehensive retail maintenance electrical services. These services include regular maintenance checkups that help ensure your commercial electrical system can withstand a sudden outage or unexpected power failure. Our commercial electricians also make suggestions that can lead to better safety, security, and cost savings for your business.

Our qualified commercial electricians give retail business owners peace of mind knowing their systems are ready for anything. Contact Main Stream Electric so we can help your retail business thrive and grow in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or in San Jose at (408) 422-8730.

Retail Electrical Installation Services

Main Stream Electric provides retail electrical installation services to retail businesses in the Sacramento and San Jose areas. Whether you’ve just purchased a stand-alone business or your building needs an electrical upgrade, our knowledgeable electricians will check out your electrical system and recommend installation, maintenance, and replacement options. Commercial retail businesses including restaurants, offices, warehouses, and stores have unique electrical needs. These may include installation of surveillance cameras on the property, repair or replacement of lighting systems, or upgrading to the latest computer technology. Our electricians have the experience and expertise you need to get the job done right – the first time! We will create a safe and energy efficient electrical system that equips work spaces for maximum productivity. All our customers are treated with respect and professionalism. Contact us today to discuss your retail electrical installation needs.


What are some common commercial retail services?

Some of our retail services include:

  • Lighting retrofits/replacements, office wiring, data, phone and intercom cable in
  • Tenant finishes including lighting, illuminated sign wiring, display cabinet outlets, etc.
  • New or relocated equipment and power outlets, ceiling fan installation, etc. in
  • Service upgrades including electrical service panels, dedicated power circuits, and new branch circuits.

Do I really need preventative maintenance? My system is running fine.

All equipment needs to be maintained, adjusted, or replaced at some point. With continual usage and standard wear and tear, wire connections can loosen and machines sometimes fail. Routine maintenance from one of our experienced electricians will ensure you aren’t blindsided by a sudden shutdown or serious electrical accident. When our technicians visit your business, they will make sure your electrical system is functioning efficiently and effectively. With proactive and regular check-ups, you will save money on costly repairs and won’t have to worry about sudden shutdowns. You system will always be running at its peak!

I have a unique machine that needs to be installed into my retail space. Do you have experience with special electrical equipment?

Yes! Machines all have very specific needs. Our experienced commercial electricians are well-versed with the requirements of a number of retail, commercial, and industrial machines. We know proper installation is the key to your machine functioning correctly and efficiently. Our commercial electricians will make sure your wiring is set up correctly so your machine operates smoothly and productively.

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