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Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Quick Question

Upgrading your home or business with energy efficient lighting can seem like a daunting and costly task. But, the documented savings are staggering. When you upgrade your lighting and electrical systems with energy-efficient technologies, you not only increase your long-term cash flow, but the immediate energy cost savings is 20%-40%! As an added incentive, the service life of energy-efficient lighting is up to 13 times greater than standard lighting products. This means lighting maintenance and replacement costs are lowered as well.

At Main Stream Electric, we strive to provide all our customers with energy efficient lighting that maximizes cost savings. Over time, the energy savings can pay for the new equipment and produce a return on investment. We can also assist with the incentives and rebates offered by federal, state, and local utilities. If you’re interested in replacing your older lights and fixtures with energy efficient lighting and fixtures,If you’re looking for a lighting technician for your interior lighting needs or you have an interior lighting emergency, call Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253. For our San Jose office, call (408) 422-8730.


I cannot afford to replace all my lighting with energy efficient lighting at this time. Is there anything else I can do to reduce my energy costs?

Yes. If you cannot afford a complete lighting overhaul, the simplest method to reduce your energy cost is to replace outdated magnetic ballasts and lamps with newer, energy efficient electronic ballasts and lamps. Other ways you can reduce your energy cost include: replacing fixtures, modifying existing fixtures, and installing occupancy sensors. LED and induction technology is also becoming more popular because it not only reduces energy costs, it reduces maintenance.

What exactly is a retrofit?

A lighting retrofit means you are replacing components in a system with new technology or features. These changes make the system use energy more efficiently.

Why do I need a lighting retrofit?

A lighting retrofit WILL save you money. When you call us, we will visit your facility or office complex and evaluate its lighting efficiency. After the evaluation, we will be able to calculate your potential energy savings. We will create a lighting solution specifically designed for you. With this solution, you will achieve lower overhead and operating costs as well as receive money back from rebate and grant programs. In addition to incredible cost savings, you’ll have better light quality with only minimum maintenance.

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