Surge ProtectionWe all know about surge protector strips. Any computer store or office supply store carries them. To a certain level, they help protect appliances and electronic equipment from power surges. Unfortunately, they cannot protect all appliances or electronic equipment in the home. It actually takes more than a power strip to protect your home from lightning strikes and power surges. Power surges travel through wires and into the house, leaving appliances and electrical equipment exposed to damage. Whole house surge protector networks will protect your entire home from dangerous and damaging surges. All of your appliances and electrical equipment are safe with these devices. Individual surge protectors are not needed if you have a whole house surge protector network.

Surges can be large or small. A lightning strike creates a large surge but our homes experience small surges every day. These unnoticeable surges slowly weaken our home’s sensitive electrical components and appliances. When a whole house surge protector network is installed, it eliminates damages caused by both large and small surges. Whole house surge protector networks literally pay for themselves because they increase the life of your expensive appliances and electronics.

For more information about surge protector networks, please contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730. One of our knowledgeable surge protection residential electricians can answer all your questions and perform an in-home evaluation to determine the best protection for your home’s appliances and electronics.


What is a surge protector?

A surge protector channels extra voltage into an outlet’s grounding wire. This prevents the voltage from flowing through your home’s electronic devices and appliances and allows the normal voltage to continue along its path. Over time, electrical surges will wear down a device’s internal components, even wiping out saved data on a computer. A surge protector also helps protect telephone and cable lines from malfunctioning.

Are there different types of whole house surge protectors?

Yes! There are many different options available. The cost varies but some only cost as much as you would pay for a high-end surge protector strip. Contact our knowledgeable residential electricians to discuss all your whole house surge protection options.

What’s included as part of a surge protection network?

There are three types of surge protective devices needed to effectively protect your home’s electronics and appliances from voltage surges.

Type 1: Installed at the utility meter

Type 2: Mounted to the load side of the main service panel

Type 3: Usually plugged into electronic equipment within your home