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Phone and Computer Cabling

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Today, more and more people are choosing to work from home. Setting up a home office often requires new phone lines, internet connection, and printer/fax installation. Wiring and cabling can seem like an overwhelming task. Let the experts at Main Stream Electric install all the wiring and cabling in your new home office so you focus on what’s important – your work!

Our certified and trained electricians install video cabling for security cameras, projectors, TV’s, camera systems, home theaters, and media rooms. They also install audio paging systems and music systems into homes and offices.

When you hire one of our highly trained residential electricians, we guarantee you receive quality cabling with clear and consistent voice, video, and data. For a cabling site survey, contact Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253 or San Jose at (408) 422-8730.


My current system is not working properly. I’ve installed quality equipment and I’m disappointed with the output. What can you do?

One of our expert electricians will visit your home and evaluate your specific system issue. If your cabling was not installed correctly or the installer used low-quality materials, your equipment will not function as it should. We can test and diagnose your cabling and resolve all your system issues. Most of the time, the solution is simple and inexpensive. To schedule a test, contact Main Stream Electric today.

I just purchased an expensive sound system. I don’t want to see all the wires and cables but want easy access to the system. Is this something you do?

Yes! Our wire and cabling electricians will visit your home, review your floor plan, and determine the best placement of your system, wiring, and equipment. We like to install them in a closet or cabinet and will work with you to determine the appropriate placement, size and design of the cabinet or closet. We ensure system controls/remotes are easy to access. If your system cannot be hidden, we will choose an inconspicuous location in the room they’re in.

What types of residential cabling do you offer?

Our expert residential cabling electricians can provide cabling for the following:

  • Home Theater – surround sound/audio/video
  • Media Room – several audio/video applications
  • Home Audio – stereo systems
  • Home Office – voice/data communications
  • Security System/CCTV
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