Interior Lighting RepairsWhen you’re interior lighting is functioning properly and effectively, you are free to focus on your home or your business. When a lighting problem occurs, it affects all aspects of your life! You cannot effectively run your business or your home without adequate lighting. Time and money are wasted while you scramble to find a lighting electrician to repair the problem. We don’t have time to think about our lights, especially when they stop working unexpectedly. The key is to maintain your interior lighting and avoid any potential lighting emergencies.

Our interior lighting electricians will visit your home or business and evaluate your lighting to determine the best lighting maintenance plan. They will actively seek out defective lamps and lighting that’s not performing adequately. Then, they will repair or replace the lighting immediately.

Even with the best preventative maintenance plans, emergencies still occur. If they do, our team of qualified technicians has trucks and vans stocked with various lamps and ballasts for all types of interior lighting. We also have high reach equipment and offset ladders that can be used in hard-to-reach places, including warehouses and stairwells. If you’re looking for a lighting technician for your interior lighting needs or you have an interior lighting emergency, call Main Stream Electric in Sacramento at (916) 439-5253. For our San Jose office, call (408) 422-8730.


The fluorescent lights in my home are flickering / cycling off-and-on. Do they need to be replaced?

If you notice flickering lights, it usually means your bulb is failing or it hasn’t been installed properly. First, try and replace the bulb. If you notice more of a cycling issue, it may mean the bulb is about to burn out or possibly the ballast is failing. If a new bulb doesn’t remedy the problem, you should replace the ballast. If your lights continue to flicker, contact Main Stream Electric. We will address and fix your fluorescent lighting issue.

Should I replace my old lights with LED lights? Are they really that much better?

We highly recommend installing LED lights in your home or office. These high performing lights are virtually maintenance free, energy efficient, and can last a lifetime. If you are considering LED lights, contact Main Stream Electric and our knowledgeable interior lighting electricians can help you with all your lighting questions.

I have neglected my home’s interior lighting and maintenance. Do you provide general repair services?

Yes! If you home’s lights just need a little TLC, contact our friendly and qualified interior lighting technicians. They will check all your breakers and lighting fixtures, restoring your lights to their original glory.