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Residential LED Lighting – Is It Worth It?

residential electrical contractor servicesThe idea of switching from traditional incandescent lights to LED lighting is not a new concept but recently more people have starting converting their lighting systems. Why is this? Is it really worth it?

The short answer is YES! You may have heard that residential LED lighting uses less energy and lasts much longer than incandescent lighting. You may have also heard that LED lights are expensive so you assume they are out of your budget. While they initially were more expensive than incandescent bulbs, technological advances in LED light bulb development has manufacturers competing to design cost-effective bulbs that work in all applications in your home. Now, these bulbs are much cheaper and can be installed by our electricians in virtually any space in your home.

LED lighting is different than incandescent lighting so there is a slight learning curve. Before you purchase LED lights, here’s a few tips.

  • “Lumens” replace “Watts”: Lumens now represent the amount of light released by the light source and is a more accurate measure of bulb brightness. Here’s a handy chart comparing lumens and watts.
Incandescent Watts LED Watts Lumens (Brightness)
75 – 100
4 – 5
6 – 8
9 – 13
16 – 20
25 – 28
  • No Mercury: There is no mercury in LED bulbs. You can handle and dispose of them with no special concerns!
  • Instant Light: LED lights give off instant light and last a LONG time.
  • No Added Heat: Incandescent bulbs produce a significant amount of extra heat and contribute to the overall temperature of your home. This is especially uncomfortable in the hot summer months. In contrast, LED lights stay cool and do not cause additional heat buildup in a room.
  • Insect-free: There will be no insect build-up around your UV-free LED bulbs because insects are not attracted to this type of lighting. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Initial Investment Cost: LED lights tend to be more expensive than incandescent lighting. But, don’t let this cost scare you. You will make up the cost in the long run. Not only will the bulbs last longer, you’ll see the savings in your energy bill.

Before our electricians begin the project, they will determine the best places for your LED lighting and tell you about your strength and color options. They have extensive experience wiring LED lights in various locations around your house. Our electricians will recommend the best lighting for every part of your home and offer solutions that will fit any budget.

We love LED lighting because it not only saves money and conserves energy, it provides brighter light without the heat. As an added bonus, with LED lights, you are not constantly changing bulbs!

If you’re ready to make the switch from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting, give our electricians at Main Stream Electric a call. We can professionally install them in any room in your home. Our trained electricians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right – the first time. Call us today!

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