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The Answer to Keeping You Cool this Summer… It’s Not What You Think!

We can all agree, the summer heat has arrived. While we love the heat when we’re relaxing by the pool or discovering a new beach or lake, we don’t love it inside our homes. Maybe you’ve noticed your home isn’t getting as cool as it did last year or it’s taking a lot longer for it to reach a desirable temperature? You may be on the market for a new HVAC system. But, you may be surprised to realize that when you replace or upgrade an HVAC system, you may need an electrician to replace or upgrade your electric service panel as well.

Circuit Breakers and FusesSo, how does your electric service panel have anything to do with your air conditioning system? Great question. Adding or upgrading any major appliance can take a toll on an old electrical system. Your current electrical panel may not provide adequate energy. If this is the case, any time you power up your new appliance, your circuit breaker will trip. This is because your electrical needs exceed your amp capacity. The result will be no electricity, no air conditioning, and lots of headaches!

Additionally, you should have one of our Sacramento or San Jose electricians upgrade your electric service panel if:

  • You own an older home with outdated electrical wiring
  • Circuits and fuses are frequently “blowing out”
  • Your computers or cell phones are being damaged by your electric outputs
  • You have frequent “brown outs”
  • You’re planning on “adding on” to your home

Don’t spend another hot summer day suffering inside your own home. Hiring an electrician to replace or upgrade your electric panel to a higher amperage might be your answer to keeping your air conditioner functioning properly. The result? A much cooler home! If you’ve just replaced your HVAC unit and are concerned your electrical panel may need to be upgraded, contact one of Main Stream Electric’s experienced panel replacement electricians for a free consultation. We offer convenient appointments and personalized electrical services. In Sacramento, call 916-439-5253 or in San Jose call 408-422-8730.

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