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An EV Charging Station as a Business Perk? Definitely!

When we think of employee benefits, an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station probably doesn’t come to mind immediately. We may feel a benefit is more about medical or dental perks? Or preferred parking and time off? But, as we all get a little “greener”, start to realize the impact our vehicle’s fuel emissions have on our environment, and vehicle operation costs, the idea of an electric car becomes more appealing.

Most EV owners hire electricians to install charging stations in their homes. It’s convenient to plug your car in at night because it’s ready to go in the morning. But, what about those with a longer commute or errands to run after work? Plugging your EV into a charging station at your office is the perfect solution!

There are many benefits to having one of our Sacramento or San Jose electricians install an EV charging station at your commercial business.

Electric Charging StationsEmployee Retention and New Employee Attraction

When businesses decide to hire an electrician to install EV charging stations on site, they not only give employees an added benefit, increasing retention, they offer a unique benefit that attracts new employees. A business with EV charging stations also tells employees and future employees they care about the environment and want to help them make the most of their EV.

Manufacturing of Battery Electric Vehicles is on the Rise

Electric Vehicles and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles are now being made by many big name car manufacturers including Nissan, GM, Ford, BMW, and Mitsubishi. The concept continues to grow and change based on personal mobility needs. But, it’s safe to say, EV’s are redefining the transportation industry.

Convenient Recharging Stations

While the primary “refueling” stop is usually at a home garage, EV drivers also look for alternative spots while they are out and about. If charging station are available at their place of employment, it takes the stress out of finding another spot during a lunch break or shopping trip. Additionally, owners of restaurants, coffee shops, or classic “pit stops”, can offer EV owners an easy place to “fuel up”.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Employers will attract clean-driving candidates to their business. Retail stores, restaurants, or a businesses can offer a practical value to patrons. EV drivers will look for grocery stores or shopping establishments that have EV charging stations so they can shop and recharge in the same place.

Increased Traffic and Value

Businesses with EV chargers will draw EV drivers to their establishment. Since charging takes some time, customers may need to “linger” longer in a store. This could literally mean more sales and traffic to a business. If office buildings, business parks, parking garages, and restaurants offer EV chargers, they will build loyalty and offer value to EV-driving employees.

If you’re considering having an electrician install EV charging stations at your business, also consider that even those who do not own electric vehicles will notice the convenience of the station. Maybe they’re tired of spending so much money on gasoline or love how smooth electric vehicles drive? Whatever the case, hiring an electrician to install an EV charging station at your business is worthwhile and beneficial. Main Stream Electric can install EV charging stations at your business. We are a Tesla preferred electrician and a Bosch Certified Contractor. If you’re interested in learning more or how to get started, contact one of our knowledgeable Sacramento or San Jose electricians today.

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