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When to Leave the Electrical to the Professionals

Circuit Breakers and FusesWe all love a good DIY project. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you complete a difficult project, especially if it’s done without the help of a professional. With the abundance of You Tube videos, how-to books, and endless Internet resources, where should you draw the line when it comes to DIY electrical work?

We believe there are many projects you can do on your own. But, when it comes to electrical work, it’s important to remember you’re dealing with electricity – and electricity can be dangerous. One small mistake could cause serious harm to you, your family, and your home. While many DIY projects can save you money, you have to determine if the extra savings is worth the risk. Additionally, if your DIY electrical project goes wrong, you could potentially cause more damage to your home or others and have to pay more for a professional to come in and fix the problem.

Here are few of the more dangerous and/or complicated electrical jobs best left to a professional.

  1. Upgrading an outlet: Replacing a like-to-like outlet is a fairly simple project as long as your power is turned off. But, it’s critical you hire a licensed electrician when you upgrade an ungrounded outlet to a grounded outlet and add a GFCI switch. It can be extremely dangerous if you add a grounded outlet without a true path to ground.
  2. Connecting to the grid: If you have any new construction that requires a permit, you will need the electrical to be completed by a licensed electrician. When it’s time to connect to the grid, power companies will require this to be done by a licensed electrician. Power companies do not want to risk damage to their equipment or injury to employees due to someone’s DIY mistake.
  3. Repairing or replacing your circuit breaker box: It’s imperative that circuit breakers are installed correctly. When wires get hot, they can short out and cause a fire. When you hire a licensed electrician, you can be confident they will design the circuits correctly and with appropriate breakers. Circuit breakers also contain a large amount of electrical energy. Whenever you’re dealing with this much electricity, you should leave it to the professionals.
  4. Wiring: Professional electricians should handle all new wiring in your home. Overloads in your wall can cause a fire in your home. Additionally, if you or an unlicensed contractor replace, repair, or add new circuits to your home and a fire occurs, your homeowner’s insurance may not pay the claim.

Whether big or small, all electrical projects should be handled with caution and care. While minor repairs like changing a light switch or ceiling fan may seem simple and safe, one mistake can still cause serious damage or injury. The highly trained electricians at Main Stream Electric can tackle even the toughest electrical projects. When you hire us to perform the electrical work on your home, you can have confidence the job will be done right. Keeping your home and your family safe is our top priority. We’ll get the job done safely and right! Contact Main Stream Electric today.

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